Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, happy birthday to me!!!! Well, my birthday is not until Sept 10th but I wanted to make this birthday card for me to me a little early as I'm working on other projects. Since I make cards for others, I wanted to make a card for myself. Something exciting will be occurring for me during Sept, you see a very good Cricut board friend of mine (Nancy @gonecricrazy) will be making birthday cards for me and mailing a card to me starting Sept 1st until the date of my birthday (Sept 10th)! That means, everyday for 10 days I'll get a birthday card!!! Isn't she the sweetest person!! As I get them I will post them for everyone to see her good works.
To make this card, I used the nestability oval scallops and the edgeabilities rose. Some purple & white ribbon, added stickles to the roses, used a stick on white rose with pearls and stamped happy birthday.


  1. I agree, birthdays should be celebrated for more than 1 day ... so celebrate away.

    Happy Birthday to you (a bit early) ...

  2. uh-no, Girlfriend... You are getting a card EVERYDAY for the month of September. So, prepare the mailman and the neighbors! LOL! Not for the 1st 10 days of the month, but for ALL 30 DAYS!! :)
    :::zip, zip, zip-tee-doo-dah::: LOL :)