Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Butterfly Award!!

To receive this award, I need to: answer several questions,
award this 'Butterfly Award' to 10 other bloggers,
contact the 10 bloggers to let them know they have been
given this award, and I also need to show a link to the
person who gave me the 'Butterfly Award'. So here goes...
Amy, thank you so much for this award!  Everyone, please stop by Amy's blog at
She does wonderful crafting, her cards are so colorful and fun.  Her crafting skills are top notch!

Q1) Name your favorite color?

Q2) Name your favorite song?
Amazing Grace

Q3) Name your favorite dessert?
German Chocolate Cake

Q4) What wizzes you off at the moment?
Rude People

Q5) Your favorite pet?
Reginald & Ciera (My dogs)

Q6) Black or White
Brown or shades of Gray
Black & White

Q7) Your biggest fear?
Spiders or Rats/Mice

Q8) Best Feature?
Fun, loving and caring

Q9) Everyday attitude?
You only have 1 life to live, be happy!

Q10) What is perfection?
God blessing me to see another day with good health

Q11) Guilty Pleasure?
Anything sweet (cakes, pies, cookies)

Q12) When you're upset you?

I'm passing this award to the following crafters:
All of these ladies has wonderful blogs and are truly skilled with crafting!  Please visit their blogs.


  1. Thank you Nita, how kind of you..
    Hugs & Blessings :)

  2. Thanks so much for the beautiful award, Nita! Hope you have a beautiful day! Hugs!

  3. That is so kind of you! Thanks for thinking of me. :)