Monday, February 15, 2010

Church Card

Good Monday..Happy Presidents day to everyone! This is a card that I made for my dad to give to his Pastor and the Church. My dad is moving from Mesa AZ to Sun City West AZ (of which is closer to where I live) and he wanted to give his Pastor and the Church a "good bye" card.


  1. What a sweet gesture on yours and your dads part. I'm sure the Pastor will treasure it!

  2. Lovely card. So thoughtful of your Dad to want to give his pastor a card, So nice of you to make it for him. It is nice that will be closer to you. I was lucky to have mine move in with me after he lost his home in a fire. He wasn't in good health. Lived by South Mountain and I live in Tempe. Made it much easier to care for him. Love your BLOG, especially the music.